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Korea Bipolar RF Electroporation是Beauty-at-homeis korea Electroporation & Bipolar RF beauty machine supplied by Dr.Bean


Korea Bipolar RF Electroporation

Brand :Dr.Bean Slim & Beauty

Manufacturer : Global Manufacturer

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Beauty-at-home-Korea Bipolar RF Electroporation Beauty-at-home-Korea Bipolar RF Electroporation  Beauty-at-home-Korea Bipolar RF Electroporation 

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Home RF Beauty System - Bipolar RF - Made in Korea

Korea bipolar RF Electroporation

Electroporation & Bipolar RF in One Device
Korea Bipolar RF Electroporation is the world first system, combined with the most efficient transdermal delivery method, Electroporation and the most effective skin tightening and facial rejuvenation, Radiofrequency (RF). One probe can be easily switched between two powerful functions

electroporation introducing by HKBEAUTY.ASIAELECTROPORATION : Transdermal Delivery System
Electroporation is a phenomenon induced by the application on a biological surface of an electrical impulse capable to generate “Electro-pores” inside the lipidic bi-layer of the cell membrane.
electroporation description

bipolar rf systemBIPOAR RF
Radiofrequency consists in the emission of electromagnetic waves that are applied to the body in order to carry energy deep into the skin and heat tissue in order to return physiological processes that have slowed down to normal.

These waves carry heat and energy deep into the skin creating an endothermic effect that has a positive effect on the lymphatic and vascular systems and on the adipose-connective structures. Radiofrequency warms the deepest skin layers, making the skin firmer and more tones.
Applying radiofrequency produces a number of beneficial biological effects on the treated area and speed up physiological processes that have slowed down with the age.

Tightening Effect
it stimulates the firbroblasts and consequently creates an effective firming effect since it progressively restores the collagen fibers of the superficial and deep derma (biologic effect).
Vasodilatation Effect : it produces a mild hyperaemia on the treated area, increasing in this way the nourishment and oxygen supply to the cells with a consequent stimulation of the cellular metabolism.
Thermal Effect : When the RF waves encounter the skin impedance there is the production of warmth inside the skin.

In the Bipolar configuration, the current passes between 2 identical electrodes located a shot distance apart from each other. They are applied to the area to be treated and the propagation of the current is limited to the area between the electrodes themselves.
Bipolar systems ensure a better controlled distribution of energy, and the patients treated with these devices tolerate the session with ease.

DESCRIPTIONhow to use bipolar RF
① Electroporation Power Level Indication (LED)
② Electroporation JOG Shuttle Switch
③ RF Time and Power Level control (Down) Button
④ RF Time and Power Level control (Up) Button
⑤ RF Start / Stop Button
⑥ Time and RF Level Indication
⑦ Hand piece for both Electroporation and RF

  • bipolar RF
  • Electroporation
  • light weight
  • No needle
  • made in korea

Power Supply : 100~220v

Output : DC 15v/2A

Freq : 50/60Hz

Power Consumption : 8.5w

Weight : main body 1kg

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